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Greenleaf manufactures and supplies a range of biocides, algaecides, scale & corrosion inhibitors, flocculants, pH control quality chemicals for the service and maintenance of cooling towers, condensers and industrial water treatment. See our "How To" page for downloadable documents on cooling tower treatment, legionella control and testing requirements plus links to everything you need to know about industrial water maintenance.

Listed below are our products you can use for servicing and control of cooling tower industrial water



BIO-WASH is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner degreaser biocide solution. It is used in the cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces that also require not only removal of grease and dirts but also sanitising. BIO-WASH contains a hospital strength broad spectrum microbiocide to kill algae, bacteria and fungi.

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Low foam microbiocide for the control of bacteria, algae, legionella and fungi in recirculating industrial water systems, evaporative condensers & cooling towers

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An all-organic, non-phosphate, non chromate, concentrated liquid scale and corrosion inhibitor. It is designed for use in a wide range of open recirculating cooling water systems where clean, scale and deposit-free surfaces are required

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Highly effective primary coagulant liquid aluminium sulphate polymer solution. It is used in the treatment of water, sewerage and industrial effluents. POLYFLOC binds together very fine particles into larger particles that can be removed by settling and filtration

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pH Control is a acid based chemical that easily reduces highly alkaline levels in cooling waters.

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Bio-Pan slow release biocide tablets, in a convenient to use form, for the control of bacteria, yeast, fung, legionella i and algae in air conditioning and refrigeration unit drain pans. Bio-Pan has been designed for use in drain pans where standing water accumulates and in which microbial slime can grow. Bio-Pan prevents the slime growth that leads to the formation of unpleasant odours and blocking of the drain lines. Tablets continue to work for up to 6 months making Bio-Pan very simple and easy to use. Sold in a resealable six pack total weight 200 grams.

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