Compressed Gas Leak Detection Fluid

Compressed gas leaks result directly from vibration, chemical activity, corrosion, mechanical stress and material flaws or weaknesses. These stresses attack the pipes, fittings and containers that are used to transport and store compressed gas. After enough time, gas leaks may develop even in the best designed and constructed systems. Finding these leaks can be frustrating and time consuming but not with Greenleaf leak detector fluid spray.

Greenleaf leak detection fluid/spray pinpoints both small/slow and fast/large leaks from any pressurised gas system easily and quickly clings to vertical surfaces.

Apply Greenleaf leak detection fluid full strength on pressurised fitting to be tested. Bubbles will appear at location of gas leak. Low pressure leaks will produce smaller and slower forming bubbles.

After testing, allowing parts to air dry is not a problem as Greenleaf leak detector does not contain any corrosive components.

Available in 1 litre Spray Pack, 5 & 20 litre bulk containers


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