Water Care References:

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Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating
HVAC organisation for Australia

IRHACE New Zealand
HVAC organisation for New Zealand

Information on Legionnaires Disease

NSW Code of Practice for the Control of Legionnaires’ Disease

Guideline: Best Practices for Control of Legionella

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling Tower Operation and Maintenance
A real how do document

Vital information on cooling towers, warm water systems and hot water systems (AIRAH Document)

Best practice guidelines for cooling towers in commercial buildings
This is an excellent comprehensive document that cover every thing you need to know about cooling towers

Water efficiency manual for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Facilities
Covers best practices for all water management with a good section on industrial applications.

Code of Practice for Water Treatment Service Providers - Cooling tower systems
This is a draft copy put together by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating and well worth reading.

Cooling Tower Audit Form
Document by the NSW Department of Health and can be used to ensure correct practices are in place.

Government Standards and Requirements

Legionella and the role of agencies
This is a direct link to NZ Department of Building and Housing listing the NZ Government departments that have control of or a vested interest in cooling tower management.

Australian/New Zealand Standard
Air-handling and water systems of buildings— Microbial control Part 3: Performance-based maintenance of cooling water systems. Not the full document, intro and index with link to where you can purchase full copy.

Testing Requirements for Cooling Towers and Test Laboratory Locations

SGS Testing Laboratories New Zealand Locations
Show the address and phone numbers for SGS laboratories throughout New Zealand. For all other countries please click here.


Instruction Manuals

Bromine "Brominator" dispensers
Basic instruction manual that show you how to set up bromine dosing for cooling towers, spa pools, swimming pools and industrial water installations.



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