Greenleaf manufactures a range of biodegradable cleaning products for the servicing and cleaning of refrigeration and air conditioning condensers, coils, ducting and associated refrigeration and air conditioning components.

BioClean Cleaner Degreaser

NZ Food Safety Authority approved all purpose industrial strength cleaner. Sold as a concentrate dilutes 10:1 for general cleaning. Removes grease, oils & diesel from driveways, cleans any surface including stoves, barbeque's, engines, floors, walls, toilets, bathrooms, vinyls, carpet stains, bench tops, plastics, glass, boat & car wash.

The powerful all purpose cleaner & degreaser with the added cleaning, deodorising and disinfecting power of natural eucalyptus oil. Sold as a concentrate to save you money. Suitable for cleaning almost all surfaces.

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Foam-Brite Condenser Cleaner

A strongly alkaline cleaning performance to match acid cleaners without the associated extremely hazardous dangers of Hydrofluoric acid. Has an extra strong foaming action to lift dirt and grease from evaporator units for a thorough easy clean. Safe to use on alloys.




Evaporator Coil Cleaner

Extremely effective self rinsing alkaline coil cleaner, approved for food industry use by New Zealand M.A.F. for meat fish and game meat human consumption food processing installations. Ideal for cleaning coils in shopping malls, dairy's, butchers and fisheries.

Food Safety Approval Certificate Dairy Approval Coil Cleaner
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Ice Machine Cleaner

Cleaning of ice making machines is made easier by using Greenleaf's Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner.
A specially formulated product for removing scale deposits from ice machines having nickel-plated or tin-plated evaporators. 

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Bluey Leak Detector

Pinpoints both small/slow and fast/large leaks from air conditioning or any pressurised gas system easily and quickly clings to vertical surfaces. After testing, allowing parts to air dry is not a problem as Bubbles does not contain any corrosive components

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Coil & Duct Disinfectant

A blend of Deodoriser and EPA Registered Hospital Grade QUAT Disinfectant Kills HIV-1, MRSA, VRE, Herpes Simplex 1 & 11 Listeria, E.Coli, Legionella pneumophila SARS, mould and fungi and most other air borne PATHOGENS. Leaves a long lasting pleasant EUCALYPTUS fragrance.

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Air Filter Cleaner Degreaser

A mild solvent surfactant cleaner degreaser which is suitable for cleaning re-cleanable filters and filter pads. Mildly alkaline to help remove grease and dirt's.

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Bio-Pan Biocide Tablets

Bio-Pan is a powerful biocide, in a convenient to use form, for the control of bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae in air conditioning and refrigeration unit drain pans. Bio-Pan has been designed for use in drain pans where standing water accumulates and in which microbial slime can grow. Bio-Pan prevents the slime growth that leads to the formation of unpleasant odours and blocking of the drain lines. 6 tablets per pack


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