Greenleaf Solutions was established to manufacture a range of biodegradable specialty cleaning chemicals that can be safely used by industry, schools and home users. Quality is important to us and every effort is made to produce top quality, safe and reliable products.

Our product range covers
1. Water Care chemicals, pumps and test kits
2. HVACR cleaners and associated products
3. General commercial and domestic cleaners
4. Engineering, marine and automotive cleaners

Our range is always under review not only to add new products but also to find better and safer ways to clean products. Products that are safe for our customers and safe for our environment.

Although most of our products are marketed under the brand Greenleaf we also manufacture and label products for other organisations.

We are keen to develop exclusive products and house branding with corporations.

Enquiries for any of our products are also most welcome from all countries.

Many of our Greenleaf & Greenearth cleaning products are certified eco-friendly by the New Zealand government Environmental Choice Certification

For Eco-friendly janitorial cleaning products please see

Greenleaf Solutions
PO Box 64-125, Auckland New Zealand
Ph: 64-9-272 4141 Fax: 64-9-272 4145
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