Bio-Pan is a powerful biocide, in a convenient to use form, for the control of bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae in air conditioning and refrigeration unit drain pans. Bio-Pan has been designed for use in drain pans where standing water accumulates and in which microbial slime can grow. Bio-Pan prevents the slime growth that leads to the formation of unpleasant odours and blocking of the drain lines

• Prevents costly and unsightly flood damage caused by drain pan overflow from blocked lines.
• Prevent build up of slimes that can encourage growth of harmful bacteria such as Legionella
• Improve air quality from air handling units by stopping musty and unpleasant odours introduced by microbial slime.
• Easy to use, simply place tablets in the drip pan and allow to dissolve over time.
• pH neutral so will not cause corrosion problems in the drip pan.

Bio-Pan should only be used by trained service technicians to maintain air conditioners,
dehumidifiers and refrigeration units in:-
• Office Buildings Hotels/Motels
• Supermarkets Hospitals
• Schools/Universities Nursing homes
• Health clubs Apartment buildings

Firstly is the system clean? If not, perform a thorough mechanical clean and flush using Greenleaf Coil Cleaner before starting use of Bio-Pan. For optimal performance in air conditioning and humidifier systems:
• Initial placement – install Bio-Pan during the pre-season maintenance programmes prior to the system start-up.
• Use 1-5 tablets depending on size of system and severity of slime fouling problem.
• Follow up maintenance – replace Bio-Pan tablets every 2–3 months, when fully dissolved, during the cooling season.
• For refrigeration systems Bio-Pan can be used in display cabinets, vending machines and cold storage units. Use 1-5 tablets depending on size of the unit and replace when fully dissolved.


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